The value of a Value Proposition

This week at TEC Twente we had our second lecture evening. We are following Boy Bouw this week at our weekly TEC Twente blog. Boy is besides a student in our honours programme also a part of the TEC Twente HPE board, which organizes the program in the Twente region for TEC Europe.

Another tutor session! As both a board member and a participant, TEC lessons are twice as interesting for me. This time the focus was on value proposition, following last week’s customer segment. It’s good to have a fresh new look at your business model, so all groups sat down together in pairs and evaluated the pains and gains of their target group and how to tackle them. The help of our mentors, board members and feedback from other groups helped us to give a critical look at our business model canvas and remove any false assumptions.
It’s really great to get a fresh look at your work. It’s easy to get tunnel vision and lose the bigger picture when working on something for so long. Hanneke and John gave us some valuable advice on what value we might be able to offer if we switch to a different target group. This gave us a brand new insight that we can’t wait to test and (hopefully) prove is not another false assumption! Our start-up left the TEC session with fresh enthusiasm and new ideas to greatly improve our business model!

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