[TEC Twente] Energetic kick-off evening

On regular base stories will be placed through the eyes from entrepreneurial students of TEC Twente, who are following the Entrepreneurial Honours Programme of TEC Europe. This week we will start with the Kick-off evening of TEC Twente through the eyes of Daan Ekkelenkamp!

Enthusiasm, is in my opinion the keyword of the TEC Twente Kick-off evening at Cee Spot. The kick-off was all about getting to know each other. When everybody had given a short introduction about their selves with an elevator pitch, we started getting to know each other better by talking in pairs about the ideas people already had and how people are using these ideas to begin their own start-up company.

One of the reasons I participate in the TEC Honours Programme Entrepreneurship, is the fact that it’s complementary with the study Industrial Design, which I’m following at the University of Twente. I love to come up with creative ideas for solving (complex) problems. But the part in which my study lacks, is the part of realizing those ideas into commercial products and/or services and that is exactly what I can and want to experience here at TEC Twente. At the beginning of the Kick-off evening I personally did not have a really tangible idea to continue with. But during this evening, when I told more and more people about the idea, I figured out that perhaps it could work. Best of all; I started believing in my own idea. This gave me an enormous amount of energy and made me super enthusiastic to develop the idea further. This is exactly why I mentioned enthusiasm as keyword of this evening, because it feels like everybody within the TEC Twente group felt the same way I did. Everybody is eager to learn and gets enthusiastic when they heard about the great ideas from others.

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One thought on “[TEC Twente] Energetic kick-off evening

  1. Erik Reply

    It was a nice kick-off, can’t wait to see how many ideas will be turned into start-ups this year!

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