Join us for an unforgettable eXperience

TEC wants you to explore your abilities to disrupt markets and commercialize technology. We want you to discover if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur! Join us now and apply for the TEC eXperience (TEC-X)
The TEC eXperience (TEC-X) is an immersive action-learning programme in which you will learn not only how to start your own company, but also ‘why’ and ‘with whom’. In 5 months you will be challenged to develop your own business ideas into a start-up with fellow participants. With one-on-one coaching and guidance from successful entrepreneurs, you get to apply new insights and skills directly into real business challenges.

Our 5-month programme evolves around 3 themes of learning objectives:

Personal Development

Besides finding great business models and learning how to exploit them, TEC-X is mainly about your personal development. In our programme you will learn about the way you function within a team and the social dynamics that come with it. You will learn to think bigger and find more creative solutions for your problems. All these are important aspects of entrepreneurship that are useful in any profession. Whether you become a successful entrepreneur or not, this experience will benefit you for the rest of your career!


Throughout the TEC-X programme we teach you how to develop a business idea into a successful start-up by using the ‘Lean Startup’ methodology. You will get familiar with ‘business model design’, ‘customer development’ and you will learn how to create a ‘minimum viable product’ through cycles of validated learning and agile development. The goal is for you to understand the approach to developing a business idea and getting it to a customer as fast as possible. When you find the next market gap on your path, you will have the tools to act!


As an entrepreneur, getting people to believe in you and your product is essential to your success. At TEC-X you will learn not only how to develop a desirable product, you will also learn how to sell it. Throughout the programme, you will improve yourself in the art of storytelling. Whether it is to partners, customers, or investors, you know how to sell your story and inspire people to believe in you!

Practical information and requirements

The TEC-X programme is now available in Amsterdam, Delft, Enschede and Groningen
Participation is possible from September - January or from January - June
Participation requires +/- 10 hours/week, lectures and meetings included
Participants need to have at least 60 ECTS (WO/HBO)
Participants have to pay a tuition of € 100,-
Any questions? Feel free to contact your local TEC-X Student Board

3 reasons to join TEC:

Start your own business idea and develop your own start up, guided and challenged by experienced entrepreneurs.

Develop your personal and practical skills, such as pitching, networking and learn how to work effectively in a group.

Build your own network with motivated and talented students from various backgroundsand develop your entrepreneurial skills.