"Although main goal of TEC is the learning experience of students, it is nice to get an insight of the projects that our students have made up. Below are some examples." 


Goud Apparel

Goud apperal is founded by four students of Groningen (TEC 1). The vision of this company is to make art accessibel for young people by making the art a everyday product. We work together with the artist, who gets a suitable percentage of the selling price. Besides we collaborate with partners who are ratified by different organic labels as GOTS, OCS Blended, OCS 100 en Oeko tex. This results in 100% organic clothes. 

Website: https://www.goudapparel.nl




Kiek'n Wat Wordt

Kiekn' wat wordt is founded in 2016 by two students of TEC Twente. Kiek'n wat Wordt is a company that organises surprise activities for your loved ones or friends. You as a customer decide the price and time. And Kiek'n wat Wordt the rest!. Within 48 hours the customer is certain whether the proposed time and date are possible



Conscience is founded by third year chemical engineer students Fred and Steven.

As chemical engineer students we see certain challenges of this age of a different perspective. One of the biggest challenge we face in this modern society is sustainability. During a lot of manufacturing processes byproducts are formed and are considered as waste or biogas. 

As Conscience we are looking for innovative ways to involve consumers into creating a more sustainable way of byproduct management, without drastic lifestyle changes. We are focusing on an all-natural soap  that is enriched with orange peels. These orange peels will be coming from orange juice machines in supermarkets and would have otherwise been thrown away.  

With conscience it’s our mission to make valuable products for consumers, in order to create awareness on how easy it is to contribute to a more sustainable world. We are also seeking for more companies and we want to help them with becoming more sustainable and in exchange we can use their peels for our product.