TEC-X Night with the Microsoft Hololens

This week we asked our alumnus Boy Bouw to write a blog about the TEC evening, it seems like he had a great time. Read his story below.

A very exciting evening for TEC Twente this week. Although I have been little involved with TEC lately, due to my graduation, I was happy to make an exception tonight as we were allowed to test the Microsoft HoloLens ourselves.

Last year I participated with two friends and our company DEVCake in the TEC Twente programme. As our company uses creative technology and serious gaming to increase our value proposition for our customers, so the HoloLens was especially interesting. Arrived at the CeeSpot, the evening started with an introduction of two guests from Royal Ten Cate, a high tech textile production company. They were very interested in the possibilities the HoloLens could have for their marketing strategy.

After a short video and demo by Vincent Gelink, we were allowed to try the device ourselves. The technology was truly wonderful. The detail in which it is able to scan the environment for shape is incredible. As an extra exercise, we were challenged to think of a new application for the HoloLens. Each one of us as able to try out different demos and games. One demo projected a hologram of the human body into the room. You were able to walk around it and examine it up close. Via a video stream over the internet, the entire room was able to see what the wearer of the glasses could see. Another demo projected holes in the wall, though which robotic creatures crawled out, climbing all over the walls. The goal was to zap them as fast as possible by looking at them, meanwhile dodging the bullets they shoot at you. This minigame in particular was a nice demonstration of the capabilities the lens has. Quite amazing, considering the device is completely wireless and doesn’t need internet or another strong PC to achieve this.

After the hands-on, we discussed the application of the HoloLens and the future of virtual and augmented reality. Ideas varied from virtual pop-up billboards, virtual renovations of buildings and a virtual Jurassic Park; but we all agreed that the technology could be used and applied much broader. Unfortunately, the development kit of the HoloLens is still pricey and I think the technology still has some years of development to go, but we can’t wait to see where it will go. After the demo, I’m very sure that augmented reality will have a very prominent place in the future in not just gaming but also social interaction, marketing and everyday life!

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