The start of Jaaps Journey

For as long as I can remember I’m interested to learn more about Entrepreneurship, and just by coincidence I heard about the TEC eXperience. Since I wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship I’ve decided to get in contact with the board to learn more about the contents of the program. After I had a small talk with two of the Twente board members I decided to enroll myself for the eXperience.

The national kick-off

The first activity for TEC was the national kick-off on the 9th of September. During this day we got more information about the program and got to meet all the other TEC participants from all over the Netherlands. Next to the information regarding the program there were two experience entrepreneurs to tell their story as well. The rest of the day we were challenged to form groups and start working on a business idea, which we had to pitch in front of the audience. The things I enjoyed most during this day is that I got to work on a business idea together with others.

I hope TEC teaches me..

In my situation I think it is very important that TEC helps me to develop the right tools and skills needed to start my own company. Although I didn’t find the golden egg at this moment, I think it is very important to get more experienced in the process of entrepreneurship. Thanks to the weekly meetings in the Twente region I’m encouraged to discuss the business ideas of others. This might event result in me finding my own business idea as well.

Thanks to TEC I’m expanding my network by not only getting in contact with other participants or board members, but I’m also enabled to get in contact with experienced people from the region. I’m looking forward to the rest of the program and think I’ll have some real benefit from the TEC program in the future.

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