TEC Challenges

During a four week TEC Challenge our participants had the opportunity to put their new skills to the test. Each of the three formed groups had a unique business case to solve. TDC de Mors (written by Jorik), TBD Composites (written by Jim) and Nijenuis Golf (written by ) all invited the groups for a look inside their company and a chance to ask all the questions they wanted. 

TDC de Mors
The trip to TDC de Mors was really interesting and informative. When Bouke started talking about the business you could see a twinkle in his eyes. You could feel that it was his company that he built up from practically nothing to what it is now. A business you can be proud of. But on the other hand he was afraid of the future of the company. The retail business in changing rapidly with the arrival of the internet and he was afraid to miss the train in this ferocious river of clients and other retailers. He said he didn’t have enough knowledge about the possibilities the internet could create, but was certain that he needs to act quickly and adequate. This is where our assignment emerged. How could we help Bouke to adjust his businessplan in such a way that would prepare TDC de Mors for the future.

TBD Composites
The company visit at TBD Composites was both interesting and fun. The owner, Emiel Pegge, showed us the company and the horse-truck they are working on. We got a chance to see, hear and feel all about it. We also got some more insight in the assignment. Emiel, as a true entrepreneur, saw a chance to create a truck that was light enough to transport two horses with only a standard drivers license. The assignment to “create an improved product experience for customers and horses” is to gain additional USP’s and fulfill the correct needs of the target audience.

Nijenhuis Golf
The entrepreneur challenges are on! A few weeks ago, TEC Twente divided itself into three groups – a process most of us are familiar with, after attending the “24h Challenge”. Hereafter, three problems local companies are copying with were presented, and our groups competed for getting the most appealing company and their challenge. Luckily, my group won the challenge we were hoping for: Nijenhuis Golf, who want to sell the Zen Green Stage, a putting platform where the corner can be adjusted individually to form into any angle. In a short brainstorming session using the Business Model Canvas, we already came up with some insights and good ideas for our company. This week we also paid a company visit, had extensive talks with the owner, and now it’s time to come up with something the company really can benefit from. Time is short, but we will strive to deliver the best possible result!

Want to help Jorik, Jim and with their start-up ideas or want to join TEC Twente yourself for realizing your entrepreneurial ideas? Please check our TEC Twente page or contact via twente@tec-nl.org

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