The 24 Hour Challenge

Our second national event had all our four regions working together in “De Oude Compagnie” in Rijswijk. Daan Ekkelenmap from TEC Twente was there and has had a fun and interesting weekend. Read his view on the intense 24 hours below.

Although I was really looking forward to this national TEC event, my expectations weren’t high. That’s since we had to fill in a “personality test”, called Profile Dynamics in advance. Everybody knows these kind of tests:  You have to answer way too many questions that are very vague. But the worst part is that these tests often draw way to specific conclusions from your answers.
But this test was different. Yes, the question were still a bit vague and there were still to many. But this test didn’t draw specific conclusions. The reason this test was great, was because it showed your motivations. A total of seven colors gave an indication of what moves you and a basic explanation was given on how to cooperate with different colors. But the best part of it all was that this test literally told you: this is just a test, and the results count for the majority, but take the results with a pinch of salt and relate them to your own experience.
The results from the tests were amazing. After everybody received their results, groups had to be made. With this group several assignments had te be solved and the goal was to forge a winning team. This is where the significance of the colors emerged. Presentations were given after every assignment to show the results. You could really see, even though the theory was explained in less than 2 hours, that some groups missed a color. Some needed a more clear leader and others needed someone more structured, who made sure the deadline was met.  My own team didn’t miss a color and I noticed that our cooperation was more natural than I had experienced in any group ever before. We also talked a while about how we wanted to work together and made a ‘manual’ about how to successfully work with us as a group.
We worked and learned through the entire night, solving business cases and winning the marshmallow challenge.  Of course you get tired when you are working through the night, but the team effort and good team vibe gave everybody enough energy and pushed everybody to go for the best. When the sun began to shed its light through the windows and the challenges were completed, the final results were presented. Personally, my  results after this 24h challenge are that I’m better able to compose a group of complementary colors and  create a better team.  And although it was tense, the results agreed with me: We had really forged the winning team.

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